Notices to Eagle Harbor Township residents and taxpayers

Fall WINTER is in the air!!

We were really enjoying the mild fall season. That has come to an abrupt end as snow is starting to pile up. As the wind blows and we prepare for an early winter we wish happiness to all for this Thanksgiving holiday!

Holiday Party! December 4th at 2pm! Please come and ring in the season with a social as we decorate the Christmas tree and share some good cheer. You can bring an appetizer or cookies to share. Any questions call and talk with Jeane 289-4407

Turkey Trot! What a great way to start your Thanksgiving day. There is an informal, inaugural 5K run/walk/trot on Thursday morning. Meet at the ball yard in Eagle Harbor around 9:45 for the run to start at 10:00. It will start and finish at the Popeye finish line. No times, shirts, rides in the back of pickup trucks, or orange cones. Let's see who shows up!

Map of 2022 TurkeyTrot

As the year winds down, the planning commission is still working on the short term rental issue, hoping to finalize things by their winter break.

Stop in the office if you are around and say hello!

M-26 Closure at Silver River Bridge

Summer of 2023

If you have driven between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor in the last year, you would have noticed the barriers, stop lights, and general "out of placeness" of what is going on at the Silver River crossing, right before Brockway Mountain Drive. Michigan Department of Transportation has notified the Township that the crossing will be replaced next year with a new bridge! The excitement will fade when you learn that the crossing will create a timeframe of roughly 10-12 weeks where you will not be able to cross the bridge. Weather dependent after the spring run-off, and construction material dependent getting materials, they are hoping to start as soon as practical in late spring and get the bridge built and operational as quickly as possible. The Township is creating a workgroup that will deal with questions from residents, discuss and recommend options to the Township regarding issues that this closed road will create, and generally stay informed with the project and keep the Township Board and residents up to date. If you would like to sit on this committee, please get a hold of Rich - 906-289-4407 or

The Nature Conservancy


The Nature Conservancy made a huge announcement today, please follow the link below to view.

TNC Press Release 10/27/22

Keweenaw Heartlands Map -Not exact

Eagle Harbor Listening Session

The evening of September 22nd, we had a collaborative event hosted by the Eagle Harbor Park Committee in conjunction with Visit Keweenaw (formally Keweenaw Convention and Visitor's Bureau), Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region, and moderated by the Michigan State University Extension. It was a great turnout of residents, volunteers and community groups to discuss tourism in the Keweenaw and how it affects the region. Linked below is the slides from Visit Keweenaw regarding "Recreate Responsibly", an effort that was pulled from our first listening session earlier this year. Small steps are being taken to look at tourism and how we can help to make it a sustainable, practical, welcoming, and responsible economic impact for our area.

We are posting the results from the session as provided by the MSU-Extension moderator Will Cronin. The first page was the Intro free response questions and the responses that participants wrote down, the highlighted area is the key themes. the following pages were the different stakeholder categories and the issues facing them, with the highlighted responses as the highest concern from participants.

Please send an email to if you are interested in participating in a survey later this year or early 2023 regarding tourism in the area!

Visit Keweenaw - Recreate Responsibly

Listening Session Results 09/22/2022

Eagle Harbor State Marina

The upgrade to the Eagle Harbor State Marina has begun. There has been minimal work so far and the plan is to work until winter takes over and resume in the spring. They will focus on the current seawall and infrastructure and work on improvements to the eastern side of the boat launch in the spring/summer. Due to long lead times on some of the construction materials, the project will likely go through the entire boating season in 2023. The two most frequently asked questions are - "will they remove the tree in the middle of the road?" (NO!), and "will the boat launch remain open through construction?" (Yes, except for a very brief time when they place infrastructure underground to the eastern improvements). We will update as we know more. Below is part of the bid plans, the entire plan is printed at the Township Office and is available to review.

Bid Plans EH State Marina

Eagle Harbor Township Recreation Area

Over the next few weeks the Township will be installing barriers to keep motorized traffic off of the historically non-motorized trails. While some people will be upset by this action, please know that it is not the few residents with ATVs that we are trying to punish. As everyone knows, ORV/ATV traffic is increasing every year. These adventurous visitors like to explore areas off the beaten path, and when an unmarked, or an open trail presents itself, they like to make the most of it. Groups out for a nature walk have encountered groups of up to 10 ATVs that were just "trying to find Great Sand Bay". Our trails are available for use with the consent of both private property owners, and Michigan Nature Association preserves, and their request is that it remain non-motorized. Thank you for your understanding and please pass the word on!

Stop in the office if you are around and say hello!

Eagle Harbor Township Zoning Board of Appeals Opening

The Eagle Harbor Township Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has room for new members! They meet as needed throughout the year, and have at least one annual meeting to conduct business and training. Their duties are laid out in Article 19 of the ZO and are an independent entity with a narrow quasi-judicial responsibilities. Please consider this valuable position and contact Rich in the office or through email.

Eagle Harbor Township Board Meetings

The pandemic "may" be over, but our meetings will continue to be hosted on Zoom for the foreseeable future. Please follow the link below if you would like to join in the meetings.

Zoom Credentials for Regular Meetings of EHT Board

Updated Channel 28

We recently upgraded our equipment that outputs content to Channel 28 on the Eagle Harbor Cable System, provided by Cable America (thank you Jackson Family!) If you follow the link to the left for Channel 28 Notices, there is a link on the top that will play the scrolling channel line up and any current information that is on Channel 28. A big thanks to Dave Ellis for his time, skills and talent!

We have been fortunate to have someone volunteer his time and resources to install a weather station at the summit of Brockway Mountain. Click either of the links below to view current data. Thanks to John Lenters for the setup and we look forward to more weather related information from him in the near future!

Due to technological difficulties - the weather station hasn't been running.....stand by

Upcoming Twp. Meetings

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will be held at Township Offices,

321 Center St., Eagle Harbor, MI 49950

  • The Monthly meeting of the Township board is on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm.

  • Planning Commission December 1st, 2pm

  • Holiday Tree Trimming Party, Sunday Dec 4th, 2pm

  • December Board of Review, Dec. 13th, 10am


Bill Pay - Online

Follow the link below to pay your Eagle Harbor Township Water and Tax Bills.

Credit or Debit Cards, and only to be used for current bills.

For delinquent water or tax bills, call the Township office at

906-289-4407 to speak to the Treasurer.

2022 Summer Taxes are due and payable before September 14th, 2022

If not paid, 2022 Summer taxes are delinquent.

You will have to contact the Treasurer for payment. 906-289-4407

If trying to pay a late bill (summer taxes or water), please call the Treasurer to get the most up to date payment total.


Online Bill Pay

EHT Cross Country Ski/Hiking Trails

Click on the updated Ski Trail Map link - 2022 Map

Please know that we have removed a section of the trail that went through some private property. There were no issues, but rather the Park Committee is trying to more permanently secure the trail and felt that it was time to reroute some of it. We have been very fortunate to use these properties for so many years, thank you! The entire trail will now be accessed through the Dorothy and Fritz Carlton Loop. Last year we added another trail option, close to the Eliza trailhead - a 1.6K loop that goes around our Well House, called the Wellhead Loop. It is a lollypop loop that does cross the snowmobile trail, so be careful. Check out the map link above.

Current Status of trails: Updated 9/19/22

Grooming operations have been suspended for the year. Thank you for your support and hope you enjoyed the ski season!

D & F Carlton Loop (6K) - hiking and biking only

Sand Bay Spur (3K one way) - hiking and biking only

Shadow's Shortcut (.6K) - hiking and biking only

Wellhead Loop (1.6K) - hiking and biking only

AGAIN, Thank you to the Keweenaw Community Foundation. Through a Cross Country Ski Grant, Eagle Harbor Township recieved a new track setting block to update our current track setting block. The current specimen is roughly 25 years old and well past its useful life. Thank you, thank you KCF!!

Please think about supporting the Keweenaw Community Foundation - especially the Cross Country Ski Endowment if you enjoy skiing in the Keweenaw!

Video courtesy of Jeff Curto