The Cemetery Committee was formed to revise the Cemetery Ordinance, update the Cemetery Map, and make recommendations to the Township Board on matters relating to the use and maintenance of Pine Grove Cemetery. They meet several times a year, mostly in the summer when there are more people around, and they are usually history packed and very informative.

Cemetery Ordinance

Committee Meeting Minutes

Center Street Drain


The Center Street Drain Committee was formed in September of 2014 to address the Storm Drain that moves water under M-26, to the beach, at the intersection with Center Street.  In the past, no one has claimed ownership of this structure, leading to confusion over who maintains it.

This committee is charged with recommending to the Township Board what options we have for repair or maintenance.  Who should bear the costs  associated with its repair or maintenance, and should the system be expanded to relieve other areas of the village of collecting surface/ground water.

In October 2017 the first phase of this project was started.  We replaced the 170 feet of drain from Center Street, under M-26, to the beach.  The drain pipe was tested several times with storms and waves and appears that it will stand the test of time!

The committee met in 2020 to discuss the follow-up phases for the Center Street Drain.  Ultimately, the drain will go all the way to the Township Hall to alleviate collected ground water at that site.  The committee discussed easements crossing a couple of private properties to allow the infrastructure to make its way west from the end of phase 1.

Committee Meeting Minutes

EH Township/Department of Natural Resources Marina Committee


This committee was formed in 2020 with the purpose of assisting the State of Michigan with the improvements and redevelopment of the Eagle Harbor State Marina.  The last major improvements at that location were done in the 70's and over the years the facility and amenity offerings have been neglected.  Realizing that local control and management of that resource will benefit the area, the Eagle Harbor Township board has made a commitment to begin the process of entering into an agreement to manage the Marina after development has occurred.  We will work closely with the DNR and its consultants and engineers to steer the project in a direction that will enhance the marina and provide a safer and more efficient use of that well used facility.  Contact any of the committee members with questions or concerns.  As of November 2020 the timeline(subject to change) will be - Nov 2020 present preliminary design draft and solicit public input - early 2021 final design draft - fall 2021 approval of design and financial commitment by the State - fall 2022 project commencement - early 2023 project completion.

Click here for news and more information about this project.

Parks and Recreation: Beach, Park, Recreation

Beach Subcommittee


The Beach Committee is charged with all things beach.  From installing the swim buoys, to putting the raft out, and cleaning the beach in the spring.  If you have a suggestion for anything at the beach, get in touch with one of these people!

Park Subcommittee


The Park Committee deals with the Public Land within the Township.  This subcommittee is charged with acquisition, development, and maintenance of Township-owned Lands.  They are also responsible for the updates to the 5-year recreation plan.  They are the direct oversight for the cross country ski trail and make  recommendations to the Township Board for new trails, equipment, or other ideas.  The Park Committee holds meetings a couple times a year, unless a pressing issue demands more. The next meeting of the Committee will be  Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at 10 am. Meeting minutes can be found here.

Please thank your 2022-23 Ski Trail Groomer Operators:

Recreation Subcommittee


The Recreation Committee oversees the township recreation activities and includes the playground equipment, toys, and balls that are available in the village.  

Committee Meeting Minutes

Solid Waste Facility Improvement Committee


In early 2020, the Eagle Harbor Township Board of Trustees agreed to form the Solid Waste Facility Improvement Committee.  Their tasks were to look at revenues and expenses at the Township Solid Waste Facility and see if we could improve services, and increase revenues to keep up with costs.  Over the years the Township has provided this valuable service year-round and slowly we have been increasing our services without much of a bump in revenues.  The first meeting was in mid March, and then meetings were canceled due to COVID19.  After resuming meetings in early June, progress is being made.  Stay tuned for the changes coming to your Solid Waste Facility over the years.  

Recycling information for outside area recycling 

The next meeting of the Solid Waste Improvement Committee will be Thursday, September 21, 2023 at 11 am at the Township Hall. Meetings are open to the public and noticed per OMA requirements. Meeting minutes can be found here.