Notices to Eagle Harbor Township residents and taxpayers

August is here!!

Summer is blazing on by!  The weather has been amazing with a record number of beach days.  Because of the great beach days, the dry weather has taken its toll on grass and other vegetation.  Please use care if having camp fires or beach fires, and if you don't have the means to extinguish the fire, you shouldn't have one.  Last week, the Eagle Harbor VFD was dispatched to the summit of Mt. Baldy.  A long way to walk to put out a fire, and fortunately there was very little wind at the summit, or it would have been much worse.  This weekend is the annual Smiths Pig Roast and next weekend is the Art Show on the 14th and 15th.  There will be a brass band at the Eagle Harbor General Store Museum on Aug 14th.  There is a lot of summer left, but remember fall comes quickly, get out and enjoy the weather while its here!

Carlton Family Celebration of life

This past weekend, the Carlton family held services for Dorothy, who passed away earlier this year.  The main loop of the hiking/ski trail was named after her husband Fritz many years ago when he helped to secure a large portion of the property where the recreation trails are located.  The family spends a good bit of time enjoying the area, and friends and family wanted to do something special for the memory of Dorothy and Fritz.  They donated this bench for the public to enjoy.

Also, going forward the main trail of the hiking/skiing trail will be known as the Dorothy and Fritz Carlton loop!  Here's to a legacy of protection and recreational pursuits!

Township News:

5 Year Recreation Plan

There will be a public input session on June 14th at our regular Township Board Meeting.  There will then be a 30 day comment period, followed by a public hearing in August.  Please review the updated Plan, and get any comments to the Park Committee members, by emailing, or calling 906-289-4407, or mailing to 321 Center St. Eagle Harbor, MI 49950

2021-2025 Recreation Plan Draft

Eagle Harbor Township Solid Waste Facility Junk Jettison 2021!!!

At the May board meeting, it was decided that Junk Jettison will happen this year, much the same as last year.  We will begin taking material on regular Solid Waste Facility hours on July 10th, and only collect materials during normal Solid Waste Facility hours until we fill three dumpsters or funds run out, but hopefully it will last the month of July.  See the link below for the handout to guide your junk jettison activities.

2021 Junk Jettison Handout

Updated Channel 28

We recently upgraded our equipment that outputs content to Channel 28 on the Eagle Harbor Cable System, provided by Cable America (thank you Jackson Family!)  If you follow the link to the left for Channel 28 Notices, there is a link on the top that will play the scrolling channel line up and any current information that is on Channel 28.  A big thanks to Dave Ellis for his time, skills and talent!

Eagle Harbor Township Board Meetings

Until further notice, or changes come from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, our regular board meetings will be held in-person, and with remote participation through Zoom.  Please follow the link below if you would like to join in the meetings. 

Zoom Credentials for Regular Meetings of EHT Board

Eagle Harbor Township Recreation Area expansion!

The Clark family has been working with the Township for well over four years to get a pivotal piece of property into the Township hands!  It finally closed over the winter and we will be able to keep the trails open and maintained in perpetuity.  This portion of the Eagle Harbor Trails has historically been used for the cross country ski trails and we have been allowed to groom and maintain them, with their permission for over 20 years!  Thank you Clark Family!  The Park Committee is in charge of maintaining these trails and we have recently installed a trailhead sign indicating it as Township property!

This property purchase was made possible with a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant.  The Township has been very fortunate to be a recipient of these funds for projects like securing the summit of Brockway Mountain, and other land purchases.  Please note that these trails run through Michigan Nature Association sanctuaries and the purpose of these multi-use trials is Non-Motorized uses like hiking, biking, skiing and the like.


I have been informed by a reliable source that the FCC is really looking for input on what kind of internet you have and any issues you see with getting broadband to your location.  We all know that many of you would be in Eagle Harbor Township if you could work remotely!  Check out this press release by the FCC and follow the link after it for a way to share your broadband experience.

FCC Press Release 3/22/2021

FCC Website for Broadband Experience



To keep up on what else is going on in the Township, be sure to check the Notices - Channel 28 link to the left.  

Please let us know if there is something we can do for you, that’s why we’re here. ..……questions, comments – 


Upcoming Meetings at the Township Hall

Regular Township Board of Trustees meeting the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM

Always check the Channel 28 Link at the bottom left, to see what other happenings are in the works.



Bill Pay  -  Online

Follow the link below to pay your Eagle Harbor Township Water and Tax Bills.  
Credit or Debit Cards, and only to be used for current bills. 
For delinquent water or tax bills, call the Township office at 
906-289-4407 to speak to the Treasurer.  
2021 Summer Taxes will be out and payable after July 1st, 2021

           ***********************************        EHT   Cross Country Ski Trails

All Done for the Season............

Click on the updated Ski Trail Map link -  2021 Map 

We are grooming the XC-ski trail in the Eagle Harbor Recreation Area.  Please know that we added another trail option, close to the Eliza trailhead - a 1.6K loop that goes around our Well House, called the Wellhead Loop.  It is a lollypop loop that does cross the snowmobile trail, so be careful.  Check out the map link above.

Current Status of trails: Updated 04/03/21

Fritz Carlton Loop 6K -             All 
Sand Bay Spur 3.1K -                  Trails
Abby's Shortcut .6K -                      Are
Shadow's Shortcut .6K -                     Not
Wellhead Loop 1.6K -                          Groomed!!:(

After the warm conditions last week, the conditions were spring like with icy tracks and debris on the trail.  We haven't' been able to get out and touch the trails.  The weather is either too warm for operating the snowmobile, or too cold to set any track without fresh snowfall.  If  we get the perfect day, or new snow, we will update our conditions.....

Thank you to the Keweenaw Community Foundation.  Through a Cross Country Ski Grant, Eagle Harbor Township was able to purchase a new pole saw for trimming the limbs back along the trail.  We also purchased a 5 1/2 foot roller that we are able to use to pack early season snow and large snowfalls easier and more efficiently.
Please think about supporting the Keweenaw Community Foundation - especially the Cross Country Ski Endowment if you enjoy skiing in the Keweenaw!



That's right, single stream recycling is happening at the Eagle Harbor Township Solid Waste Facility!

EGLE (Formally MDEQ) has a new fun campaign to help Michigan residents  improve our recycling product.  Getting our recyclables sent to the facility that organizes and sells them in the best possible way is very important for the longevity of the program!

Go to the link below to get acquainted with the Recycling Raccoons!

Recycling Raccoons

Go to the link below for our recycled products list.

Recycling Materials Flyer Link

Other information on Recycling from 

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Recycling Video from MDEQ

Recycling 101 Booklet

Thank you for your patience!  Recycling material will only be accepted at regular Solid Waste Facility Hours:


Please be aware of a couple of scams....

With so much going on, here is another thing to keep an eye on - Michigan Treasury is warning of attempted scams aimed at refunds and stimulus checks.....  

Treasury Warns of Scammers


There has also been a scam associated with George Hite's  website of old.  Someone has used all the old email address that George had on there and is soliciting for money for medical expenses.  Please do not send money to someone you don't personally know, and certainly not to someone who contacts you through email.  If you have any questions please call the Township office and talk to Jeane or Rich.

                      6th Street Trail                 

Also, thanks to the Keweenaw Community Foundation and the PHF Outdoor Wellness and Recreation grant that provided funds for the development of this trail.  Stay tuned for more information on this and other projects in the area!


Weather on Brockway Mountain!!

We have been fortunate to have someone volunteer his time and resources to install a weather station at the summit of Brockway Mountain. Click either of the links below to view current data. Thanks to John Lenters for the setup and we look forward to more weather related information from him in the near future!

Due to technological difficulties - mainly the loss of 3G data compatibility - the weather station won't be up and running until Spring/Sumer 2020

Brockway Mountain Weather Data

Weather Underground Link