Notice to EHT residents and taxpayers


June 26th, There has been a number of people seeing a healthy black bear roaming the village.  Across the bay, towards Cat Harbor, in the village, and near the Solid Waste Facility.  Evidently, the last couple of evenings the bear is making the rounds on bird feeders and grills! Please keep your bird feeders inside for at least two consecutive days.  We've been told by the DNR if after two days the bear hasn't disappeared into the woods they may bring a trap.

As I sit and write this note, we have had a steady rain falling since last night.  It certainly looks lush in the woods and along the sides of the roads.  The fruit trees are full of blossoms and the beginnings of cherries and plums!  This should be a bumper crop this year.  The peninsula is filling up and getting busy.  Every weekend there is another event, parade, bike race, or other attraction.  As the kids are all out of school, we are seeing more families cruising through town, hanging out at the park and beach.  Events for the upcoming July 4th holiday are the parade and games in the park on the fourth, the parade starts at 9:30 AM, line up at 9:00 at the Township Hall.  The 60th anniversary of the world famous Guts International Frisbee Tournament is this summer - July 8,9 in Calumet.  This year there also will be a family friendly Guts Frisbee Tournament in the Township ball yard, on July 6th noon - 6pm......With certain rules enforced, and judges to keep the play toned down, it promises to delight both young and old!  There are sure to be more events happening so check back often, and look on the Notices - Channel 28 link to the left.


From everyone here at the Township Office, please stop in when you're around....the coffee is always on!

To keep up on what else is going on in the Township, be sure to 

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Please let us know if there is something we can do for you, that’s why we’re here. ..……questions, comments –

Eagle Harbor Township Requests Local Art Donations


The Township would like to decorate the newly renovated Township Hall with local Art!  If you would be interested in donating art please contact us in the office to discuss.  We are looking for photos, painting, watercolors, etc.  Donated art can also indicate where people could purchase more of the artists work.  It's certainly a fantastic opportunity to display some of your talent!  Please stop in and talk to us if you're interested!

Junk Jettison Day!!

We will be having our annual Junk Jettison Day on July 15th from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM.  The first pickup truck load or small trailer load is included with your paid solid waste assessment.  Attendants will be on hand to check people in, and point you in the right direction. Extra loads are $25, certain appliances are $5 and refrigerators are $20.  For more information call the Township Office 906-289-4407


Upcoming Meetings at the Township Hall

Regular Township Board of Trustees meeting the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM

Always check the Channel 28 Link at the bottom left, to see what other happenings are in the works.



That's right, single stream recycling is happening at the Eagle Harbor Township Solid Waste Facility!!!

We have been asking, and Waste Management has expanded their services to include single stream collection of recycled material.  We have one of our compactors switched over to recycling and have begun collecting materials on May 24th.  Please view the link below for a list of acceptable materials and Non-acceptable materials.  Items are to be loose.

Recycling Materials Flyer Link

Thank you for your patience!  Recycling material will only be accepted at regular Solid Waste Facility Hours:

Wednesday  10am -12pm

Saturday 9am - 12pm

Sunday 3pm - 5pm

Weather on Brockway Mountain!!

We have been fortunate to have someone volunteer his time and resources to install a weather station at the summit of Brockway Mountain. Click either of the links below to view current data. Thanks to John Lenters for the setup and we look forward to more weather related information from him in the near future!

Brockway Mountain Weather Data

Weather Underground Link

New!!Assessors Plat of Hebard Park NoticeNew!!

It is with great joy that we announce the recording of the Hebard Park Plat!!!!!  It's been 18 years in the making.   You can view the plat at the Township Office, and as soon as it's available on the State of Michigan's website, we'll provide the link here.   Any questions don't hesitate to call the office and ask for Rich.