Notice to Eagle Harbor Township residents and taxpayers

Regular Board Meeting for August 2020:

We will be conducting our regular Township Board Meeting on the second Monday of August - August 10th, at 7pm.  We are limited to 25% of our normal capacity, and requiring physical distancing and masks from all participants.  See the notice below if you would like to participate by remote access.  

August 2020 Eagle Harbor Township Board Meeting Notice

The beaches are busy, the roads full of all kinds of travelers, we are, it seems, all adjusting to the new normal.  As everyone manages with masks, and closings, and disruptions that nobody would have predicted last summer, we look forward to a time when we don't have to hesitate to shake someones hand, or give our parents a hug.  The Township buildings continue to be closed to casual traffic, please email or call and we will be here for you.  You can also come to the door and we'll let you in, We are all trying to hold office hours that are staggered, to reduce the congestion.   We hope that you and your family are dealing with the changes and we look forward to seeing you a distance:)

Update from 06/10/2020

June 10th, 2020 is the date the Governor opens much of Region 8 up, and Executive Order 2020-115 goes into effect.  Eagle Harbor Township is included in Region 8 of Michigan's Safe Start plan to re-engage Michigan's economy.  Monday night, at our regular monthly meeting, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to rescind our prior request from seasonal residents to delay their return, and put out the following notice (link below) regarding our expectations concerning COVID-19 issues.   We all know that we are always a month (or two, or three) behind in fashion, music, weather, and also in this case, COVID19.  We had our first confirmed case in Keweenaw County yesterday, exactly three months from the first two cases in the State.  With that, just a reminder to follow CDC guidelines, and think about your fellow neighbor.  While you might not be too worried about the virus, your neighbor might be.

Request of Consideration - June 8th, 2020

As the Michigan's Governor updates our Stay at Home Orders and Executive Orders, we will look at allowing smaller groups, which can maintain physical distancing and abide by the guidelines established by the State to utilize Township properties on a case by case basis.

Thank you for your understanding and respect during this unprecedented time.

The Eagle Harbor Township Board of Trustees


COVID19 Preparedness and Response Plan

Because the Township is an essential business, we are required to post a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan.  This much more detailed plan from our initial one, is recommended by our Township Association and is a requirement of the Governors Executive Order as she reopens the State.  It is available to read at the Township Office as well, please send an email, or call to inspect.

EHT COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan - UPDATED 06/08/2020

Please read the above notice as it pertains to the most up to date guidelines for Eagle Harbor Township.  Please share on social media and with friends and relatives.  We know that we can't stop everyone from coming "home," but we can give them our "expectations" so that we are all on the same page.

As cases are confirmed in Houghton County, it is just a matter of time before they are in the Keweenaw...

-be safe

Here is a link to current information in Michigan -

Updated Information COVID19 in Michigan

With so much going on, here is another thing to keep an eye on - Michigan Treasury is warning of attempted scams aimed at refunds and stimulus checks.....  

Treasury Warns of Scammers


Summer is coming!   From everyone here at the Township Office, we look forward to a time when our doors will be wide open, and we can chat over a cup of coffee.  Until that time, enjoy the summer and be safe!

To keep up on what else is going on in the Township, be sure to 

check the Notices - Channel 28 link to the left.  

Please let us know if there is something we can do for you, that’s why we’re here. ..……questions, comments –




Upcoming Meetings at the Township Hall

Regular Township Board of Trustees meeting the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM

Always check the Channel 28 Link at the bottom left, to see what other happenings are in the works.



Weather on Brockway Mountain!!

We have been fortunate to have someone volunteer his time and resources to install a weather station at the summit of Brockway Mountain. Click either of the links below to view current data. Thanks to John Lenters for the setup and we look forward to more weather related information from him in the near future!

Due to technological difficulties - mainly the loss of 3G data compatibility - the weather station won't be up and running until Spring/Sumer 2020

Brockway Mountain Weather Data

Weather Underground Link


The Eagle Harbor Township board followed the recommendation of the Solid Waste Improvement Committee and unanimously voted to place a container at the Solid Waste Facility for this season.  With all the changes and concern with COVID-19 issues, having the container there for a longer period of time, and not having just one day to bring junk seemed like an appropriate thing to do this year.

Junk Jettison Day/Container is done for 2020!  Thank you for your contributions!

We heard many comments concerning how Junk Jettison Container went this year.  We hope that you were able to use it for the short amount of time it was there.  Normally we had it on one day in mid-July.  This year we had the container available from mid-June until the end of July, three days a week for over a month!  Many people appreciated the ability to bring a partial load one day, and another partial load another day.  Please let us know your experience, and thoughts for next year.


Bill Pay  -  Online

Follow the link below to pay your Eagle Harbor Township Water and Tax Bills.  
Credit or Debit Cards, and only to be used for current bills. 
For delinquent water or tax bills, call the Township office at 
906-289-4407 to speak to the Treasurer.  


    ************************************          EHT   Cross Country Ski Trails

Thank you to the Keweenaw Community Foundation.  Through a Cross Country Ski Grant, Eagle Harbor Township was able to purchase a new pole saw for trimming the limbs back along the trail.  We also purchased a 5 1/2 foot roller that we are able to use to pack early season snow and large snowfalls easier and more efficiently.
Please think about supporting the Keweenaw Community Foundation - especially the Cross Country Ski Endowment if you enjoy skiing in the Keweenaw!



That's right, single stream recycling is happening at the Eagle Harbor Township Solid Waste Facility!

EGLE (Formally MDEQ) has a new fun campaign to help Michigan residents  improve our recycling product.  Getting our recyclables sent to the facility that organizes and sells them in the best possible way is very important for the longevity of the program!

Go to the link below to get acquainted with the Recycling Raccoons!

Recycling Raccoons

Go to the link below for our recycled products list.

Recycling Materials Flyer Link

Other information on Recycling from 

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Recycling Video from MDEQ

Recycling 101 Booklet

Thank you for your patience!  Recycling material will only be accepted at regular Solid Waste Facility Hours: