New VFD Fundraiser


There was an Outdoor Movie Night Fundraiser for the Volunteer Fire Department on Thursday, July 31st.   The movie was Goonies and was attended by many kids and adults.  Ashley Breitzman (Barber) graciously set the whole thing up and 100% of the proceeds went to the VFD for a flagpole at the new emergency services building.  Over six hundred dollars were raised, and the Township and the Fire Department appreciate her efforts!!


New A Note to Township residents and taxpayers


Labor Day Weekend....August has come and gone! The kids are getting school back on their minds, and so are the parents.  I never realized how much the parents look forward to school starting until, of course, I became one myself!  The days of summer have flown by, Fourth of July, Central Reunion, Pig Roast, Art Fair, those are the big ones for our family.  I'm sure you have some events as well that you look forward to, plan for, and anticipate their arrival.  Then when they get here, you can't believe its actually happening.  Much like the Emergency Services Building, the planning and anticipation have brought us to the actual project happening.  They have been clearing trees, leveling the site, and just started setting up the footings!  If all goes well, the building should be substantially done by the first part of January and completely done by mid February.  It has been busy in the office this summer as well.  With all of us juggling family, work, and enjoying the summer weather when it appears, this is the time when many of the residents are in town and they want to take care of business when they're here.  So, enjoy the end of summer and hope for a mild autumn.  We can use some extra time to get the wood pile loaded up!

Please let us know if there is something we can do for you, that’s why we’re here. ..……questions, comments –


Upcoming Meetings at the Township Hall

Regular Twp. Board 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM

Always check the Channel 28 Link at the bottom left, to see what other happenings are in the works.


Interested people apply within!!

The Parks and Recreation Committee has openings in the following Sub-Committees:

The Park sub-committee is looking for members and perhaps a person that has some interest in heading this committee.  Their responsibility involves the township owned land and its uses, and following/updating the 5 year Recreation Plan.  Maintaining the recreation trails and looking for possible expansion of township trails and property is also the responsibilities of the Park sub-committee.  Please email for more information.

The Beach sub-Committee is also looking for some fresh faces.  The beach committee takes care of the beach, setting the raft in the spring and pulling it in the fall, along with the swim buoys.  They also recommend to the township board, items that improve the beach experience.  If you are only a summer resident up here, this might be the best way to get involved and help out!  Please email for more information.

Town Hall / Fire Hall Complex Committee

321 Center Street

In January 2013, the Township board established a committee to look into the feasibility of building a new fire hall, and/or a new township hall complex. The current township office space was built in 1955, with the fire hall built in 1981, and has been added onto several times to meet growing needs. The committee met throughout the winter into the spring and summer, and along the way established a sub-committee that was charged with providing information to and receiving information from the community. A public hearing was held in July at which time there were a lot of positive comments and support for the efforts of the Community Complex Committee. At the last meeting of the Community Complex Committee, held on September 5 the committee voted in favor of recommending to the Township Board the construction of a new Emergency Services Building at a site east of Eagle Harbor South, on township owned property and to continue in three phases. Phase 1: Build a new Emergency Services Building. Phase 2: Re-purpose the existing fire hall space for short term use. Phase 3: Build a new Township Hall. From the beginning, we decided that no new taxes would be used for this project, and that is the reason for progressing in phases. We will use existing funds and revenues to proceed. We will also be extremely happy to accept donations (tax-deductible, of course! )


Update!.....The Township Board held a Ground Breaking Ceremony before its regular meeting on Monday the 8th of September.  It was attended by nearly 40 residents and members of the VFD and First Responders. The project is under way and the final completion date is Mid-February.  See the link below to view the article in the Gazette.

Daily Mining Gazette Ground Breaking Ceremony


Any questions or comments? or call me at the office 289-4339




New Eagle Harbor Township Solid Waste Facitily is still recycling


The Recycling Program has changed!


Due to the Goodwill discontinuing their recycling program we are left with nowhere to take our plastic and paper products. We will continue to take metal, and go back to the old methods for paper products.

If anyone has ideas or leads for recycling, please contact Doug Schubert, or Rich Probst at the Township office.

Thanks for understanding, as we continue to look for alternatives!