Notice to Eagle Harbor Township residents and taxpayers


Officially began on March 21st, the snow is reluctantly melting.  That is good news for the road commission and anyone concerned about erosion along the shoreline.  Lake Superior is going to be relatively high this spring and the slower the melt the better.  While we slowly clean up after the winters snow, we look forward to the oncoming season. 

Business in the Township is plugging along. Our fiscal year rolled over April 1st.  We are looking at some projects at the beach and our recreation trails.  Hoping to improve upon our already adequate recreational opportunities, there is always room for improvement.  The plan for Brockway Mountain is going back to the Park Committee for some touch ups and refinements.  We'll hope to have something available in the near future and perhaps get a grant in the works to improve the area up there.

From everyone here at the Township Office, please stop in when you're around....the coffee is always on.

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Please let us know if there is something we can do for you, that’s why we’re here. ..……questions, comments – supervisor@eagleharbortwp.org


                Eagle Harbor Township Job Postings

    The Eagle Harbor Township, Pine Grove Cemetery has an opening for the Cemetery Sexton.  Please see the Township Clerk for associated duties, which include, but not limited to - Sale and Recording of burial Plots, Maintaining and cleaning the Cemetery, and arrangement for grave opening and closing.  For more information call 906-289-4407



Upcoming Meetings at the Township Hall

Regular Township Board of Trustees meeting the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM

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NewBill Pay Online!!New

Follow the Link Below to pay your Eagle Harbor Township Water and Tax Bills.  Credit or Debit Card Payments and only to be used for current bills. 
For Delinquent Bills call the Township office at 
906-289-4407 to speak to the Treasurer.
2018 Tax Payments can be made up until 8:00p.m. e.s.t. February 27th 


Draft Master Plan for Brockway Mountain

Please review the plan below and send any comments to supervisor@eagleharbortwp.org   

The Eagle Harbor Township Park Committee has been working on a Master Plan for the Summit of Brockway Mountain for almost a year!  The Property, in the Wescoat family since the 1930's, was purchased using a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grant back in 2013.  Since that time we have left the property as we found it, minus the gift shop, and old communications tower that needed to be removed.  Utilizing committee input and various stakeholder input the plan was formulated and drafted.  Currently we are taking comments on the draft plan and will hold a public hearing at next months regular Township board meeting.  Thank you for taking the time to review and please let us know what you think!

Click the link below to view the Plan!

DRAFT Brockway Mountain Summit Master Plan


Ski Trail Report
The Cross Country Ski Trails are open for business!!
Volunteer groomers are getting out several times a week to pack and track the trail based on snowfall and usage. Please use the trail-head parking just past the Pine Grove Cemetery on Pine Street, or the MDOT parking area at Great Sand Bay. 

UPDATE - 04/03/2019- SPRING CONDITIONS.  Grooming operations have stopped.  Thanks for a great season!
  • Main Loop - Fritz Carlton 7K -  
  • Abbies Shortcut - 1K -
  • Shadows Shortcut 2K - 
  • Clarks Sand Bay 3K - 
    Please remember the trails are maintained by volunteers and donations.  Donation box is at Pine Street Trail Head parking area.



That's right, single stream recycling is happening at the Eagle Harbor Township Solid Waste Facility!!!

We have been asking, and Waste Management has expanded their services to include single stream collection of recycled material.  We have one of our compactors switched over to recycling and have begun collecting materials on May 24th.  Please view the link below for a list of acceptable materials and Non-acceptable materials.  Items are to be loose.

Recycling Materials Flyer Link

Other information on Recycling from 

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Recycling Video from MDEQ

Recycling 101 Booklet

Thank you for your patience!  Recycling material will only be accepted at regular Solid Waste Facility Hours:

Saturday 10am - 12pm


Weather on Brockway Mountain!!

We have been fortunate to have someone volunteer his time and resources to install a weather station at the summit of Brockway Mountain. Click either of the links below to view current data. Thanks to John Lenters for the setup and we look forward to more weather related information from him in the near future!

Brockway Mountain Weather Data

Weather Underground Link


New!!Assessors Plat of Hebard Park NoticeNew!!

It is with great joy that we announce the recording of the Assessors Plat of Hebard Park!!!!!  It's been 18+ years in the making.   You can view the plat at the Township Office, or follow the link below.   Any questions don't hesitate to call the office and ask for Rich....also, if you have trouble loading the map, try changing internet browser, Chrome was not loading.

Assessors Plat of Hebard Park

After you click on the link, select "Assessors Plat of Hebard Park" at the top to load the map.