New A Note to Township residents and taxpayers

September 16th, 2015

It has started!...... The leaves are beginning to change in the area.  The first to get their leaves in the spring are the first to start changing in the fall.  The warm temperatures that have blessed us the past two weeks, are going to begin to subside and we will return to normal fall like temps starting tonight.  Things in the office have been busy with summer tax bills being paid and people starting to think about closing cottages for the season.  The official end to the swimming season happened on Tuesday, as the beach committee removed the swim raft and buoys at the beach.  Thanks to Barry Bogart, Doug Slowik, Jimbo Boggio, Doug Schubert, Jerry Hintz and the road commission for help, they couldn't have had better weather!  Ruth Mohr has organized another beach clean up for a couple of beaches in Eagle Harbor Township.  The effort is part of the International Coastal Clean-up, and she has been orchestrating this event for the past eight years.  They will meet at 1PM on Saturday the 19th and concentrate on the east, west, cedar creek beaches and the marina.  Any questions contact Ruth at 289-4404.  We are still working on the re-purposing project of the old fire hall.  Most of the floor in the old garage area is leveled and insulated, the new patio area has a concrete pad and a new roof, and were're working on finishing details, new windows and doors have been ordered, so things are progressing as planned.  Hopefully, we will be in the new space this winter for meetings and continue working until next summer.  Things here will slow down to a normal pace and get a bit quieter in the office.  Again, we look forward to spending time with family, and soaking in the end of this Summer weather!!......

We are back to our normal hours, usually here 9AM - 5PM with a lunch break.    

As usual, to keep up on what else is going on in the Township, be sure to check the Notices - Channel 28 link to the left.  There will be bridge, potlucks, ladies breakfasts, and meetings so stay tuned!

Please let us know if there is something we can do for you, that’s why we’re here. ..……questions, comments –

New Eagle Harbor Township Solid Waste Facitily is still recycling


The Recycling Program is changing......Again!


Our solid waste committee put together a grant application to start some cardboard recycling here at our facility.  We received a $6000 grant to purchase a baler, and have started to bale cardboard.  Currently we are accepting corrugated cardboard boxes, flattened, and not food contaminated (pizza boxes.)  Please bring your cardboard during regular Solid Waste Facility hours. We are also looking at other materials in the near future!!  

So far we have collected over three tons of cardboard!  Thanks for helping to remove that from the waste stream!!

All other paper products can be handled as in the past.  We are still taking metal - crushed cans, lids, scrap, lawnmowers, etc.  Look for the large dumpster at the Solid Waste Facility.


New Interested in Volunteering?

Eagle Harbor Township is going to be looking for some volunteer labor!!  With the new Emergency Services Building complete, we have our next phase of the project - to re-purpose the existing fire department garage.  If you check out the next column, you'll see what the committee has in mind.  Preparations have started and we are can always use a hand or two.

Marlin Wingard is heading the operation and Bill Eddy and I have said we will help where we can.  Steve Swart and Pat Ryan have helped tremendously, and the floor is leveled and installed.  We will begin working on the exterior wall and other exterior finishes, and then allowing the electricians to come and wire everything up.  If you are looking for some extra work while you're in the Harbor, and want to donate your time, please get a hold of me or Marlin!!

Upcoming Meetings at the Township Hall

Regular Twp. Board 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM

Always check the Channel 28 Link at the bottom left, to see what other happenings are in the works.


Medical Responders Needed!!New

A new Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) class is being planned to begin in early January (formerly called Medical First Responders.)  The class will be held at the Mercy Ambulance building near the Houghton County Airport.  They are usually held from 6pm-10pm 2 nights per week, with 1-2 Saturday sessions.  The course is about 10 weeks long and should be completed by mid-April.  If you are looking for something to fill the days/nights after the holidays, and contribute to the community thereafter, please consider becoming an Emergency Medical Responder.
For more information or to tentatively sign up for the class - Please call Mary Ann Hohner at 906-289-4244
Thanks Everyone!!


Insurance Classification! New

This past year we had an ISO insurance audit here at the Township.  They look at things like our water system, fire department equipment, and personnel and other factors.  Our classification went from an 8 down to a 5, which is a reflection of the good things that the Township has done in previous years.  

Please check with your home owners insurance carrier to see if this has been addressed on your individual policy....It may save you some money!!

Any questions call the Township Office 289-4407

  Eagle Harbor Township Emergency Services Building Progress

Update!.....The Emergency Services Building is now complete.  We occupied the building on February 2nd and are now holding meetings there, and working on finding final resting places to store much room!  The Complex Committee held a Grand Opening event on July 19th, 2015 from 1-4 PM, and it was very well attended, thank you community for being involved!

There is now work to be done on the existing Fire Hall and Office Space (Phase 2.)  Our vision is a new larger Community Room and updated office space for elected officials and employees.  Work has started and will continue throughout the summer and fall.  Check out the links below for a sketch of proposed ideas and please send comments along to the address or phone number below.


Any questions or comments? or call me at the office 289-4407


Check out the Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Responders page for more pictures!


Surplus Equipment for Sale New

At the Regular January Board Meeting, the board voted to surplus some equipment that the township is not using. We have one piece of gasoline powered equipment for sale: a wheelbarrow type 6HP 10.5 GPM Air Compressor-$450. It has never been run by us, but appears to be in good condition. Check the link below for pictures and more information.

Interested people apply within!!

The Parks and Recreation Committee has openings in the following Sub-Committees:

The Park sub-committee is looking for members and perhaps a person that has some interest in heading this committee.  Their responsibility involves the township owned land and its uses, and following/updating the 5 year Recreation Plan.  Maintaining the recreation trails and looking for possible expansion of township trails and property is also the responsibilities of the Park sub-committee.  Please email for more information.

The Beach sub-Committee is also looking for some fresh faces.  The beach committee takes care of the beach, setting the raft in the spring and pulling it in the fall, along with the swim buoys.  They also recommend to the township board, items that improve the beach experience.  If you are only a summer resident up here, this might be the best way to get involved and help out!  Please email for more information.