New A Note to Township residents and taxpayers


OK, the depth of Winter...So I wrote about not being too cold, that will teach me.  Temperatures are hovering in the low single digits and the high tomorrow is only -5!  We had a small weather event last weekend, blowing and snowing for Valentines Day, that really let us know that winter is still in charge.  At the township board meeting we reported that the township ISO rating has been upgraded to a 5/5y rating.  We are advising our residents to check with your homeowners insurance and see if that will lower your premiums.  Our rating before was a 8/8B, and with our water system upgrades, reservoir capacity, system pressure and VFD training and resource levels devoted to fire protection it brought the rating down.  Other township business remains steady, I'm trying to put what I gathered at the Michigan Township Association conference last month to good use updating polices and reviewing ordinances for consistencies.  Copper Dog is three weeks away!... Can't wait to see everyone up here for that, if you haven't been up to see this race, it's an amazing site to see the mushers and dogs brave the elements....Feb 27, 28 and March 1 are the dates. 

There are several meetings this month, be sure to check the Notices - Channel 28 link to the right.

Please let us know if there is something we can do for you, that’s why we’re here. ..……questions, comments –

It still looks great!

Qualified people apply within
Eagle Harbor Township is looking for an Assessor.  Please check the link below or call the supervisor for more information.

Surplus Equipment for Sale New
At the Regular January Board Meeting, the board voted to surplus some equipment that the township is not using.  We have two pieces of gasoline powered equipment for sale: 3800W Generator-$200, and a wheelbarrow type 6HP 10.5 GPM Air Compressor-$450.  Both have never been run by us, but appear to be in good condition.  Check the link below for pictures and more information. 
Contact or call 906-289-4407 

Eagle Harbor Township Comprehensive Plan New

At the November Regular Board Meeting, the Township Board heard from the Planning Commission that they would hold a public hearing on December 4th, 2014 here at the Township Offices to review and take comment on the proposed 5yr comprehensive plan.  The comprehensive plan is available to view and please give some input to the planning commission at their public hearing, held before their regular December meeting.

2014 Amended Comprehensive Plan - Click to View

Deer Feeding in the Village New

At the October Regular Board Meeting, the Township Board committed to supporting the established rules and regulations that the Department of Natural Resources are enforcing within the state.  A brief synopsis follows and the full regulations can be found at

Deer Feeding Basics - Click to view

Interested people apply within!!

The Keweenaw County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority is looking for members for their board.  The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority looks at property and locations that have been affected by environmental concerns and their redevelopment.  Currently they are looking at the Mt Horace Greeley USAF radar site.

They meet on the third Tuesday of the even months, 6:30 PM at the Keweenaw County Courthouse, Eagle River.

If you are interested, contact Steve Karpiak at for more information.

Upcoming Meetings at the Township Hall

Regular Twp. Board 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM

Always check the Channel 28 Link at the bottom left, to see what other happenings are in the works.


NOTICE for Eagle Harbor Water Users New

For customers on the Eagle Harbor water system, please see the notice included on the link below:

DEQ notice of results for system water users

Town Hall / Fire Hall Complex Committee

321 Center Street

In January 2013, the Township board established a committee to look into the feasibility of building a new fire hall, and/or a new township hall complex. The current township office space was built in 1955, with the fire hall built in 1981, and has been added onto several times to meet growing needs. The committee met throughout the winter into the spring and summer, and along the way established a sub-committee that was charged with providing information to and receiving information from the community. A public hearing was held in July at which time there were a lot of positive comments and support for the efforts of the Community Complex Committee. At the last meeting of the Community Complex Committee, held on September 5 the committee voted in favor of recommending to the Township Board the construction of a new Emergency Services Building at a site east of Eagle Harbor South, on township owned property and to continue in three phases. Phase 1: Build a new Emergency Services Building. Phase 2: Re-purpose the existing fire hall space for short term use. Phase 3: Build a new Township Hall. From the beginning, we decided that no new taxes would be used for this project, and that is the reason for progressing in phases. We will use existing funds and revenues to proceed. We will also be extremely happy to accept donations (tax-deductible, of course! )


Update!.....The Township Board held a Ground Breaking Ceremony before its regular meeting on Monday the 8th of September.  It was attended by nearly 40 residents and members of the VFD and First Responders. The project is under way and the final completion date is Mid-February.  See the link below to view the article in the Gazette.

Daily Mining Gazette Ground Breaking Ceremony


Any questions or comments? or call me at the office 289-4339


 New Eagle Harbor Township Emergency Services Building Progress

Occupied!  We moved into the building on February 2nd, 2015.  While we are officially moved in, there remains much to do.  We are still working on the small details, and no meetings have been held there, yet.  The EMRs and Firemen are looking at furnishings and necessary storage equipment to organize and make the building usable.  There was a Township Complex Committee meeting yesterday and discussion of a Grand Opening Celebration looks to take place in mid-July, to try and maximize the amount of people that can come and enjoy our new building.  Stay tuned for more information.

The building is wrapping up......


New Eagle Harbor Township Solid Waste Facitily is still recycling


The Recycling Program has changed!


Due to the Goodwill discontinuing their recycling program we are left with nowhere to take our plastic and paper products. We will continue to take metal, and go back to the old methods for paper products.

If anyone has ideas or leads for recycling, please contact Doug Schubert, or Rich Probst at the Township office.

Thanks for understanding, as we continue to look for alternatives!


Interested people apply within!!

The Parks and Recreation Committee has openings in the following Sub-Committees:

The Park sub-committee is looking for members and perhaps a person that has some interest in heading this committee.  Their responsibility involves the township owned land and its uses, and following/updating the 5 year Recreation Plan.  Maintaining the recreation trails and looking for possible expansion of township trails and property is also the responsibilities of the Park sub-committee.  Please email for more information.

The Beach sub-Committee is also looking for some fresh faces.  The beach committee takes care of the beach, setting the raft in the spring and pulling it in the fall, along with the swim buoys.  They also recommend to the township board, items that improve the beach experience.  If you are only a summer resident up here, this might be the best way to get involved and help out!  Please email for more information.