Zoning Administrator

Zoning Administrator: Marjie Marshall

Phone: (906)289-4407

Cell: (906)281-1113

email: zoning@eagleharbortwp.org

The Zoning Administrator role is to follow what the Planning Commission enacts and is reflected in the Zoning Ordinance. They will work with property owners to ensure that setbacks, heights, uses and accessory uses are correct for their zoning and get property owners off on the right foot to get their building permits from Keweenaw County. Eagle Harbor Township has had zoning laws in place since 1975 when the County adopted its ordinance. In 2006, the Township Board voted to separate from County-wide zoning, and started to enforce our own zoning ordinance, which was modeled after the County Zoning Ordinance. Currently, the Eagle Harbor Township Zoning Ordinance is very similar to the County Ordinance and we issue only zoning permits ourselves. The County still issues building, electrical, mechanical, culvert, soil and erosion, and 911 permits.

Zoning Forms

EHT Zoning Ordinance 1.6