Solid Waste Facility Improvement Committee

In early 2020, the Eagle Harbor Township Board of Trustees agreed to form the Solid Waste Facility Improvement Committee. Their tasks were to look at revenues and expenses at the Township Solid Waste Facility and see if we could improve services, and increase revenues to keep up with costs. Over the years the Township has provided this valuable service year-round and slowly we have been increasing our services without much of a bump in revenues. The first meeting was in mid March, and then meetings were canceled due to COVID19. After resuming meetings in early June, progress is being made. Stay tuned for the changes coming to your Solid Waste Facility over the years.


Steve Kellow - SWF Manager - Chairperson

Dave Donnay - Eagle Harbor Inn - Vice Chairperson

Rich Probst, Jr. - Twp Supervisor - Secretery

Connie Eddy - Twp Trustee - Member

Fred Geis - Member

Herb Marutz - Member

Bryan Koop- Member

Meetings are open to the pubic, and noticed per OMA requirements

Use the link below to see agendas and minutes from past meetings:

Solid Waste Facility Committee Files