Center Street Drain Committee

The Center Street Drain Committee was formed in September of 2014 to address the Storm Drain that moves water under M-26, to the beach, at the intersection with Center Street. In the past, no one has claimed ownership of this structure, leading to confusion over who maintains it.

This committee is charged with recommending to the Township Board what options we have for repair or maintenance. Who should bear the costs associated with its repair or maintenance, and should the system be expanded to relieve other areas of the village of collecting surface/ground water.

In October 2017 the first phase of this project was started. We replaced the 170 feet of drain from Center Street, under M-26, to the beach. The drain pipe was tested several times with storms and waves and appears that it will stand the test of time!

The committee met in 2020 to discuss the follow-up phases for the Center Street Drain. Ultimately, the drain will go all the way to the Township Hall to alleviate collected ground water at that site. The committee discussed easements crossing a couple of private properties to allow the infrastructure to make its way west from the end of phase 1.

Members are:

Steve Kellow, Chairperson

Rich Probst, Secretary, Board Liaison

Bill Eddy

Pat Roche

Ken Westlake

Dan Wakeman

Consultants/Engineers - Traverse Engineering Services, Dick Supina and John Paul Pietila

Keweenaw County Road Commission Engineer, Gregg Patrick

Minutes from Center Street Drain Committee - Minutes File