VFD Officers


Fire Fighters


First Responders

Mike Radigan, Fire Chief

Bruce LeBlanc, Asst. Chief

Jake Anderson
Marlin Wingard

Rich Probst

Tony Lizzadro

Dave Carlson

Bryce Myatt

Katharine Jarm

John Zipp (Seasonal)

Steve Stolarick (Seasonal)

Fritz Kesanan (Seasonal)

Mary Ann Hohner, Lead MFR

Ginny Schubert

Patti Asselin

Lynn Bryant

Training on Brockway Mountain in October of 2013
Engines #1 and #2 in the new Emergency Services Building
Open bay alongside the office and multipurpose room doors
Room between #2 and #1 to open doors and move about, and lockers for gear
The Brush rig ('67 5/4 ton Jeep) usually sits in Gratiot Lake during the winter.
Multipurpose room for meetings of the VFD and EMRs, which are open to the public - come check them out!