Committee Consists of:
December 16th 2014

Marlin Wingard - Chairperson
Jo Cauvin - Vice Chairperson
Rich Probst, Jr. - Secretery-Board Liaison
Mary Ann Hohner - Emergency Medical Responder
Bruce LeBlanc - Volunteer Fire Department
Ginny/Doug Schubert
Rick Finke

Consultants: Dick Powers, John Paul Pietela and Dick Supina-Traverse Engineering

This committee was formed in February of 2013, with an Ad-Hoc committee that was formed to do Public Relation efforts.  Assessments of township needs and an inventory of township property was done.  The committee recommended in the fall of 2013 to the Township Board the building of a new Emergency Services Building.  A loan was obtained from the USDA-Rural Development for the building and construction began in mid-August, with a scheduled substantially complete date of mid-January and completion date around the 15th of February, 2015.