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The Park Committee deals with the Public Land within the Township.  This committee is charged with acquisition, development, and maintenance of Township owned Lands.  This committee is also responsible for the updates to the 5-year recreation plan.  They are the direct oversight for the cross country ski trail, and  make  recommendations to the Township Board for new trails, equipment, or other ideas.  They hold meetings a couple times a year, unless a pressing issue demands more.

May 12th, 2021 - 2pm at the Township Office

The Committee consists of:

Rich Probst, Jr. - Township Board Liaison
Frank Carlton
Jeff Williams
Gina Nicholas
Tony Lizzadro
Rob Ziebell
Bryce Myatt
Kerri Richert
Duncan Wyeth

Please Thank your 2021 Ski Trail Groomer Operators:

         Paul Carlson - Trail Boss
              Bryce Myatt
                    Rich Probst

Ski Trail Map - 2021 Hiking Ski Trail Map